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Need some reassurance

(Taryn Gottlieb) #1

Hi everyone,
I just got my start day for October at the Camarillo location. I started studying through kings school for the private written. To be completely honest I am feeling a bit overwhelmed because I simply do not understand the material and feel like I’m listening to a foreign language. I have zero experience besides a few intro flights at atp and other local schools…I know I have read about other people that had the same experience but some reassurance would be nice.
Thanks so much



I suspect you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself to understand the material. This can be very challenging out of context and since you haven’t started flying it is. I suggest you try and relax and repeat the modules to they make sense. It should start to come together.


(Sergey Kireyev) #3

If you’re having a hard time with a particular concept, look for a YouTube video or two on the matter. I am having to do that for certain subjects on the current written that I’m studying for. King’s videos do a good job with concepts but keep in mind that they are teaching you towards passing your PAR written—they are not the only thing you should learn early on, just one of the things. Also, since you have until October, you have ample time to review the pre-course assignments. While it is recommended to take the written exams prior to your start date, it is not required.

As Adam said, don’t put so much pressure on yourself, be committed, determined, and steadfast, and the rest will come.

(Taryn Gottlieb) #4

Thank you Adam. That is nice to hear coming for you. I definitely am putting pressure on myself…I think it’s just scary…this is such a big amount of money and I’m already feeling defeated in the first week. I know I’ve read for the written it’s more of a memoriziation of material but it’s frustrating because I want to understand it all but I just don’t.
I will keep plugging along and am sure it will work out.
Thanks for the reply I appreciate it

(Samuel Loveridge) #5

Hi Taryn,

That feeling of being overwhelmed, I recently had that myself. Like you, I’m in study mode, preparing for ATP. I signed up for ATP at the beginning of July, and during my first week of study with the King program I felt that way several times! It did start clicking much better after a few days, and I recently finished the PAR, I took it on Thursday last week. You’ll get there! Keep going, but don’t be afraid to take a moment and breath, too! I bet that in another day or two of study you’ll start to notice just how many things you’ve learned that are “sticking” in your brain, and that will help. That’s what I experienced. It increased my motivation, and helped keep negativity and doubts at bay.

(Zachary Porter) #6

As you go through the Kings program, a lot of stuff resurfaces and can help you understand prior concepts a little better too!

(Taryn Gottlieb) #7

Thank you all for the reply’s. It seems to be making more sense as I go on but it feels like soooo so much to learn!! Still I am determined.
Thanks so much all the best, taryn



Well yes… forget it. Yes there is much to learn…(sigh)…


(Taryn Gottlieb) #9

Haha I mean learning is never ending as I say but it’s a bit like my brain is in overload! Which I expected but I guess you can never really know what to expect until you’re in it…

(Tom Poirier) #10

Hi Taryn!

I’m a class behind you, starting 5-Nov at Camarillo! I’m working through the King private pilot modules myself. How’d they work out for you?


(Taryn Gottlieb) #11

Hi there! Cool! Well I am just now feeling ready to take the written. I’ve been working full time so it’s taken a bit to get all the studying in. But I completed the modules and have been getting in the 80’s and 90’s on practice tests. so just plug along and you’ll be just fine!! Look forward to meeting you! If u have any questions let me know

(Tom Poirier) #12

Just now saw this reply… weird. In any case, I’m wrapping up the modules, and was curious how your written went… success I hope? I’m heading cross country to Camarillo in a few weeks, and plan to spend October getting set up and cracking some books hard before my start in November.

Did you sign up for the ATP housing, or do you have other housing set up? Curious, because it’s going to be the La Quinta Inn until I find a place!


(Taryn Gottlieb) #13

Yes I ended up getting an 87! I did go with the housing …I’m moving when I start!
Hmm maybe you should post on the ATP Facebook page! Good luck!!!

(Tom Poirier) #14

Congrats! I’m consistently getting 85-95% when I’m studying and do the “sample test” mode. I’m curious if I should wait until I’m getting mid-90s before scheduling the test for real?



While after you take the practical no one will ever know your score, BEFORE you take the practical the examiner will most definitely give it a look. A good friend of mine is a DE and he’s told me in his opinion there’s no excuse for anyone to ever get below a 90 and if he see’s that he’s going to dig ALOT deeper than he would otherwise. I’d get those scores consistently up.



Yes, I would never want to see less than 90% on a written exam.

(Tom Poirier) #17

Thanks for the replies, guys.

I’ll keep hammering away with the memorization. It turns out finding a place to live in SoCal is taking a lot more time (and mental energy) than I had planned. I’m assuming it doesn’t make sense to blow $150 just to say I got the PAR written done before starting, only to retake it later on.


(Tory) #18


I agree. The written test results are valid for 24 months. Don’t take it too early. Best you wait anyway until you feel confident that you will score in the 90’s.