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Music while flying

(Mrunal) #1

Sorry for asking such a silly question, but I was just curious if airline pilots could listen to music while flying. I read online that many pilots use headsets that automatically mutes music when they need to hear something.


Hey Mrunal,

At my airline, listening to music while on flying duty is strictly forbidden. I can only assume that is the standard in the airline industry, but I am can not tell you for sure. Chris? Adam?



There are headsets that do such things, but they have no place in a professional cockpit. “Professional” does not just mean at the airlines, anybody who takes their responsiblity as a pilot seriously would not use those. During flight I always pay attention to the ATC chatter as it enables me to know what is going on around me. In small airplanes the sound of the engine can tell you a lot about how healthy it is, music would mask that.




Big no no and irresponsible in my, the airline and the FAA’s eyes. I’m sure it happens but not on my watch.


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