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Misdemeanor at airlines

(Bishoy) #1

Hello everyone,
Can someone please provide an answer to my question. I will be starting my flying training soon. I would like to know if a Misdemeanor on my record that I received at the age of 18 from the department of natural resources in Michigan for fishing without a fishing license. Will it ever trouble me in the future when trying to land a airline job either at a Regional or Major? The issue has been resolved and went to court and did couple months of probation and took care of the issue right there and then. Now I’m 24 I been thinking a lot about it and holding on about moving forward to start school. Your responses will be greatly appreciated. Also got couple driving tickets here and there between the years will that have any effect? Please help!



While this will probably come up in an interview, I would not worry about it too much. A fishing violation is a far cry from illegal drugs, theft, or anything like that.

I think you will be fine on this one.




While a misdemeanor fishing violation is no big deal, and a couple of moving violations are generally not a big deal (they will want your driving record when you interview) it doesn’t mean you get a pass or can be cavalier about it. It’s time you start acting like a grown-up. There are far more rules and regs for flying airplanes than there are for driving and fishing and the airline needs you to comply. I wouldn’t be worried IF you stop now and make your last violation your last but continue this type of behavior and yes it can be an issue.



I was thinking about this and am surprised that you were convicted of a misdemeanor and sentenced to probation for fishing without a license. This seems like something that is usually a civil conviction and handle via a monetary fine. Is there more to the story?

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Thanks Chris, you know its a large investment and big money spent on training. I wouldn’t want it to go to waste.

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The fine have been paid and solved for the fishing license thing. Also regarding my tickets those are regular driving tickets that regularly anyone will get pulled up for. It’s not something that I do on a regular basis and also those have been taken to court and resolved with NO points in record. Will that also might be an issue? Thanks Adam for your respond please let me know on this one.

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I was at the river with my siblings and as soon as I got to the fishing for doc getting ready to set up my poles, people were screaming “ they’re here, they’re here” I said who, then this one guy said the department of natura resources and they are checking out fishing licenses. I carried my self beck to the car. As soon as I was about to get passed the fishing doc, the officer stopped me and to check my license and I didnt have one. So he asked for my ID then gave it back with a violation. Which I later found out that it was a misdemeanor.



What is going to cause you problems is your attitude towards your violations. There is no such thing as “driving tickets that regularly anyone will get pulled up for”. I have been driving for 21 years, I have gotten one ticket and that was 20 years ago, most people I know are the same way. What you are showing is a willful and intentional disregard of the law, this attitude will not go over well in an airline interview. You need to own your mistakes, clean up your act and move forward with a spotless record, to include your driving record.


(Bishoy) #9

Chris, thanks!! You caught me on this one. Maybe I need to change that. I appreciate all your feedback and honesty.