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Mental health restrictions

(Jasmine M) #1

Im 23 and have been struggling with depression for a while. I read somewhere that PTSD and personality disorders are the only illnesses that will stop you but it wasnt a very trustworthy site. Do you guys know if that will prevent me from actually flying?
I have no experience with aviation other than being a passenger and I recently started researching schools and the process. Ive been making excuses for years such as being broke, the depression, my inability to hold the jobs ive had, I hated school, blah blah blah. But Ive never had a job or gone to school for something I actually wanted to do and Ive been thinking about this for a long time. Im getting my depression under control and taking it all seriously for the first time. Assuming i can become stable without therapy would flying be a possibility for me?



You will need to address these concerns with an FAA medical examiner. Only they are qualified to tell you how certain medical issues will affect your ability to get a medical certificate.




As Chris said you really need to consult an AME. On the application it clearly asks about your current and past mental health, depression and anxiety. Again only they can explain and give you guidance as to what you can or cannot do.


(Sam Johnson) #4

Lots of ex-military pilots who had PTSD. Some were recently arrested because they lied about it but it isn’t always a problem. A lot more have had depression issues and as long as you are not currently in a depression, it seems to me that the FAA might allow it if it was in the past. Not trying to promote paranoia or dishonesty but before talking with an AME who is basically an agent of the FAA, I would do some research by talking with pilot advocates. EAA, AOPA, LEFTSEAT, or an attorney. They should be able to tell you what you need to know.



“Not trying to promote paranoia or dishonesty”

Kind of sounds like you are?