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Medical Requirements

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Hello there,

I am 41 years old and have a successful career in public service. But it has been my childhood dream to become a pilot. I have enough savings to support my flight school training while sustaining the needs of my family for 2 to 3 years. I have also read threads related to others who wanted to shift career at this point and gave me a grasp of the pros and cons of it.

My concern is my present medical condition. I have an enlarged prostate (PSA is normal) and I am hypertensive (I have medical maintenance for it). Could it my medical condition be a reason on not being employed by Airline Companies when I finish with Flight School?



None of us are doctors and the FAA has the final word on anything medical. You should consult a local AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) and they can give you an exact answer. As long as you can get a First Class medical you’ll be fine.


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Thank you for the reply, Adam.



We are not able to dispense any medical advice on this forum. You will need to consult with an FAA medical doctor for specific guidance. I would recommend that you obtain a first class medical certificate as this is what both ATP and the Airlines will require of you.


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Thank you Chris. Thank you for the replies. I appreciate it.