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Medical before introduction flight?

(Kadin Hallstrom) #1


Currently planning on signing up for a start date in mid August (2019). I am wondering if it is required to obtain my 1st class medical before my introductory flight? I am currently in Alaska and am planning on traveling to Phoenix for the introductory flight in April.

(Derek) #2


Not sure what ATP requires, but every flight school I’ve ever heard of never requires a medical before a discovery flight. A discovery flight is essentially an experience to see if you actually want to pursue flying and then if you do, you will pay for the medical, supplies, etc.



On ATP’s website, they list obtaining the medical as the first thing to do, so I would do it that way.


(Kadin Hallstrom) #4

Yes I did see that. The thing is, is that my available time to travel down to do the introductory flight is in April and I’m I’m planning on my start date being in August. I just don’t want to worry about having to renew my medical while still finishing the program since they are only valid for one year. Do you see what I’m trying to say?



Yes, I do see your point, but you will need to get used to renewing medicals while doing other things, it is going to be a fact of life from now until you retire and when you turn 40, it will be every six months.


(Kadin Hallstrom) #6


I hear ya. Thanks again for the input!


Anytime, let us know how else we can help you.



I don’t want to dispute Chris but I’m reasonably certain if you call ATP and tell them you plan on getting your Medical after your Intro they’ll say ok. I’d ask.


(Caleb Shearer) #9


I took my Intro flight with ATP back towards the end of October and didn’t even have my appointment scheduled for my 1st class medical exam when I went up. I followed up and got my medical within a few days after, but that was to be able to lock in a start date. Hope this helps some.


(Johan H Perez Lundqvist) #10

I just did my Intro-flight last week without having my medical done. Had it done yesterday.