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(Rory A King) #1

The time has come to purchase my first logbook! I wanted to find a nice leather one because not just because it is aesthetically pleasing but it will last a life time… or until I run out of room! I found one, however you have to chose what ‘insert’ you need for the logbook. Could anyone help me on what is the standard or what the differences between the two are? Thanks and happy flying!
p.s I will link below to show you the two different options
(Standard ASA-SP-30)
(Master ASA-SP-6)
Any help is appreciated in advance :slight_smile:



Totally your call. Either would be fine. The Master has a lot more columns to be more specific with log entries. Most of the columns on the Master will remain blank until you move on to the airlines. I’d say it depends on you and your style. If you’re very meticulous (aka anal) and want EVERY detail of your flights in the future noted then get the Master but really you’ll be fine with the Standard and it’ll look more complete.

I’d also encourage you to look at electronic ones. Incredibly simple to use and maintain and you’ll def want one in the future. Problem is if you don’t start with one then you’ll need to play catch up which is a huge pain.


(Rory A King) #3

Thanks again fro your recommendation. I will probably go ahead and purchase the Master just so I can be as detailed as possible I know that’s a critical point during interviews.
Also, with the online backup that is something I had already planned on doing as I have been known to misplace a few items (a bad habit I feel I have finally over come lol). Is there an online logbook you recommend? I know some are free and some are not!


That seems like way too much money to spend on a log book. I bought this one and have been happily using it for years.

(Joseph) #5

Hey Adam,

Could you recommend any electronic log books? I came across
for the log ten pro. Any insight on this log book?

Thanks Joseph



I’ve been using LogBook Pro since forever. Great app and desktop as well. Ridiculously easy and you can get any conceivable report imaginable and of course my favorite, the 8710 button.

They get my vote.


(Joseph) #7

Thanks for the respond Adam!
Going to get it ASAP! Lol

(Joseph) #8

Can someone tell me for atp flight school the iPad requirements for training. Will a WiFi 6th gen iPad 32 gb be sufficient? Does it need to have data capability as well? Or WiFi model is good enough?Looking forward to your response.



(Tory) #9


Electronic is the way to go. Never have to worry about it getting stolen or losing it, it adds everything up for you…


(Steve Kittel) #10

I bought the same senior log book from sportys…it’s nice and you can get a little placard with your name and number on it

(Steve Kittel) #11

I think that’s the one main pro with electronic log books…being able to run reports…




Seriously you have no idea. While many of the airlines just ask for the basics, some delve deep and want to know how many C172 dual night hrs in the Northeast on Tuesdays in a leap year. Not a problem with an e-log.