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Local flight school or university

(Jacob Wilson) #1

Hey guys, I know this is a question asked by many but my situation are slightly different. I will be graduating from University with a bachelor in Anthropology next June, so by the time i start training I will already have a degree. So it will be second bachelor for me, and since i have college credit, it would be 2 years only. I am trying to figure out, is going to university actually going to offer you something that a local flight school cannot offer? Thanks in advance



I see absolutely no reason for you to go to a university to get another degree. Sure, it will reduce the flight time you need to get hired on at the airlines from 1500 hours to 1000 hours, but it will take you years more to do it. I would strongly recommend that you attend a flight school that offers fast track type training. Another degree would put you years behind.




The only thing going to a University for training will offer you is a much larger debt and a lower seniority number. As Chris said it’ll will take you years vs months to get your licenses and ratings. Unless you have a desire to earn a BA in Aviation (which you can do online while you’re building time) I really don’t see the point?


(Mrunal) #4

1000 hours*


1000hrs yes but I’d rather spend an extra 6-12 mos FLYING and improving my FLYING skills vs an extra 18mos in the classroom.