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Loan approval for new green card holder

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My name is Sid and I am from Canada. I have a 2 year diploma in Information Technology and currently working as an IT specialist here in Canada. My girlfriend is a US citizen and we are planning to get married by next year and move there. I always had a keen interest in aviation and was researching about the schools and found ATP. I have a very great credit score here in Canada above 820. However, I was told that I need to start from scratch when I move to states to build up my credit. I was wandering will I be eligible to secure a loan to study in ATP. Also, my gf is willing to be my co-signer but her she needs to build her credit as well. Please suggest or had any similar kind of experience before. I don’t need a full loan of 80k as I have saved about 15k of my own.




This is the first time that I have been asked about this question, but I am sure that the people in the finance department have heard it before. I would reach out to them as they will be far better able to assist you.


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