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Keep It Professional


Just a reminder to always act professional in the cockpit. The public looks to pilots to uphold a very high standard and it is up to us to meet and exceed their expectations.

This extends to your time as a student or CFI as well. Stay away from the selfies, GoPro videos, Youtube posts, etc, None of it is safe and all of it could lead to FAA enforcement action.


It’s truly sad and unfortunate that you even need to create this post but I can’t say it’s not necessary.


(Ruslan Gul) #3

I do not understand how there are many pilots who take photos midair and videos to post on youtube or Instagram if it is against the rules?


Because some people chose not to follow the rules. You certainly won’t find any pictures from me posted online.


Why do people do anything stupid?


(Ruslan Gul) #6

Do you know if Europe has different rules about this? Because most content seems to be from there.


I have no idea on that one.