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Just had intro flight

Hello, I just had my intro flight and yes it was WOW!
I was also overwhelmed. Can anyone please tell me how they got over this initial feeling and also how difficult it was for you to acclimate to the flight computers, all the different voices over the headset. ect…

Looking for some sound experience and advice.



Learning how to fly is not intuitive. I would be surprised if it wasn’t
overwhelming. Getting over that anxiety takes time and trust. By that I
mean trusting that the flight training system is designed to work. The only
way you’ll know is if you keep trying.

The main takeaway from an intro flight should spark excitement and
curiosity. If your experience was something other than that, then you need
to listen to those feelings and find a career that better suits you.

Acclimating to the systems and complex environment also comes with
experience and a lot of studying. You’ll have access to every resource
required to succeed, but keep in mind that a lot of the studying at ATP is
done independently. As for the flight lessons, those are designed to teach
you small amounts of material at a time. As you start getting more
comfortable, a good instructor will start loosening up the reigns to allow
you to make decisions on your own. At that point you’ll be able to “run the
show” while you’re instructor provides minimal instruction and prompting,
giving you the feeling that they aren’t even there.