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June Reserve, Do I REALLY get paid for this?


Ok first some splainin’. Hawaiian Interisland Reserve typically goes VERY senior. For those of you who believe Reserve is strictly for newbies that’s not always the case. You see ALL 717 pilots live on Oahu (you really can’t commute and fly Interisland), We’re usually properly staffed, have spare airplanes and the weather… well this is Hawaii. What that means is pilots rarely call in sick, if planes break there’s a spare standing by, crews don’t get stuck due to weather and there are ZERO overnights. Factor in the fact that we have a 2hr “call out” and there’s nowhere you can go on this rock that’s more than 2hrs and 717 Reserve is a pretty sweet deal. Now due to upgrades, transitions and the airline getting a new fleet we fell slightly behind in staffing for a few months until the newhires/upgrades got trained and on the line. As a result what happened was many of the SUPER senior 717Reserve pilots actually ended up flying! (Yes OMG!). They didn’t like that one bit and so they bid lines. Now since I’m a junior 717 Capt that means I got pushed into Reserve. May wasn’t too bad BUT by June staffing was on it’s way back so I actually ended up with one of those nifty SUPER senior properly staffed Reserve lines where you only get called to cover last minute stuff! Oh and I also had some vacation. It went like this:

6/1: RESV No Call
6/3: OFF
6/5: RESV No Call
6/7: RESV No Call
6/10: 30/7 Mandatory Day Off
6/11-6/17: Vacation
6/18-6/22: OFF
6/24-6/25: OFF
6/26: RESV No Call
6/27: OFF
6/28-6/30: RESV No Call

16hrs Flight Time / 75hrs Pay… Hope I remember how to fly? :wink:

(Jeremy Headrick) #2

That’s so awesome. Gives you plenty of time to practice your standup paddle boarding. I remember you saying before you liked the A.M. interisland routes. You said it was typically 6-noon but how do the P.M. routes normally work? I remember swimming at Hickam beach at night and seeing the 717s coming in until after 9. Just curious, since I wanted to be in your shoes someday.



There’s actually a variety of different 717 trips since our flight schedule starts from the first flight to ITO at 0500 to the last OGG which arrives at 2330. To be specific I like the EARLY am’s which are usually from 5-6am starts to 11-noon finish but there are late am’s, early pm’s and late pm’s to cover all the possible flights. There are also long and short days. See I’m lazy so I usually bid 4,5 and 6 leg days. They’re really easy but I end up working more days. There are also 7,8 and 9 leg days which will get you more days off. So to answer your question there are trips to accommodate pretty much any schedule you might like starting from again 0500 to late trips starting at 1700 and everything in between.


(Scott L. Boyd) #4

You say you only flew 16hrs all month. Why did you have a 30/7 day off?



Great question. While I didn’t fly much I was on Reserve which counts as “duty time”. Part 117 which deals with duty and rest requires 30hrs OFF every 168hrs. If you look at the 6 days prior I either flew or was on Reserve but I never had 30hrs OFF so I was given it.


(Scott L. Boyd) #6

Thanks for the reply, Adam. That makes perfect sense.