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July '17 Schedule

(Tee mac) #21

Due to the pilot shortage is there ever mandatory overtime?



The airlines will offer trips at premium pay and will sometimes “junior man” people to fly on days off, but for the most part there really is not much that they can do to force pilots to work extra as the FAA time limitations often interfere with this.




What Chris said is right but if you’ve ever flown anywhere you know flight do get delayed for a number of reasons (weather and maintenance being the biggies). If you’re scheduled to work a flight and the weather gets bad or something breaks you can and will find yourself tied to that flight until you’re no longer legal duty wise. If you started early and it’s the first flight and duty time isn’t an issue, you can very well find yourself spending quality time babysitting that airplane until it’s time to go. Often many hours.


(Demetrius) #24

This is what I was talking about when you said “starving in the beginning” Tory


(Tory) #25


That was a figure of speech. Finances were definitely tight as an instructor, but I was no where near starving. In my current position I make enough to support myself, pay my bills, and have a little fun from time to time.


(Joseph Hodge) #26

If you don’t mind me asking, what are the average minimum payments on the loan for ATP? Also, why did you choose to work for Horizon, was it just the first to call you, or were there other factors in the decision?

(Tory) #27


It’s hard to say what the average is since the interest rates are variable. Mine were about $650 per month with Sallie Mae at a 9% interest rate.

I chose Horizon because I wanted to fly for a PNW based airline. They also have a good company culture. It feels like a family. When they announced the purchase of the ERJs that showed me that the company was trying to grow which was helpful in my decision.


(Joseph Hodge) #28

Thank you Tory. Do you have any advice for getting on with the regional that you want to work for? I’m wanting to get on with Commutair for there guaranteed interview with United and they fly out of a couple airports near me.

(Tory) #29

Keep a clean record. Work hard during flight training. Try to retain what you’ve learned as best as you can. Start networking. It always helps to have contacts on the inside.


(bob saggot) #30

How long is turnaround time usually between flights? For example on one day you did 5 trips, how much time is in between each of those trips?

(Tory) #31


Normally we get 45min to an hour in between flights. This isn’t always the case. Sometimes our break is longer, but that doesn’t happen often.