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It is possible

(Emmanuel D ) #1

Good morning/afternoon all
Is it really possible to get my PPL and instrument rating in 3 months?
I called a school yesterday and they told me I could. I told them I can do 2 hours a day M-F and 5 hours on Saturday.
Their prices are a lot better than ATP. ATP will cost me around $74,000 for the training, but that school will cost me 8,000 for my PPL na around 6,000 for my instrument.
They said it would be a little more for my commercial.
What do you guys think about me going this route instead of ATP?



I have been involved in flight training for a long time, I do not see any way remotely possible to do your training so quickly with the limited hours that you are available. I also don’t any way possible to do it for the prices that they are suggesting. They are most likely quoting you the absolute minimums on the flight time required when in reality it will take you much more time.

On the commercial it sounds like they are being downright dishonest. It takes 250 hours to get a commercial license, which will cost a lot more than they are alluding to. I would be very careful of this flight school, make sure to ask them lots of questions and try to get the straight truth.


(Emmanuel D ) #3

:thinking: it did kinda sound a little too good to be true but yet tempting. That’s a lot of savings from what ATP was asking me. Plus I can keep my daytime job while I’m in training.
Any advice on some key questions I should be asking them?

Thanks a lot Chris



Not trying to rain on your parade but lets compare apples to apples here. First ATP prices start at $64k from zero time. Next you’re comparing a program which gives you your PPL and Instrument vs ATP which gives you your PPL, Instrument, Multi, COMMERCIAL, and all 3 flight instructor ratings. As Chris said, to get your Commercial alone requires a minimum of 250 hrs vs the 40min for PPL and another 40 as PIC. Soooo if they’re quoting you the mins for both based on the price quoted you’re talking about $175 hr. The “little more” to get your CPL would be 170hr so that “little more” would come to $29,750. Add to that the $14k for PPL and Instrument and we’re now at $43,750 but still no multi, no initial CFI, no MEI and No CFII, not to mention no ground school? The next thing I’d encourage you to do is Google the “average” time for a PPL in this country and for an IFR rating. Trust me it isn’t 40 hrs for each.

Emmanuel we’ve spoken and I understand your situation. Not everyone can take 6 mos off from life and do ATP or another full time academy. If out of necessity you chose the local route that’s fine but again understand what you’re getting into. I’m not a salesman and I’m not telling you it’s ATP or nothing but if you’re going to make comparisons don’t do it with blinders on. That’s for your benefit sir.




I would ask them these questions:


(Emmanuel D ) #6

A lot of good info. Decisions, decisions, decisions.
Thanks a lot Adam.