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Is the tuition increasing?

I first heard about ATP flight school in 2016 or early 2017 and I remember seeing the total tuition at 68,995 or 78,995 if you choose to include something (housing i think). I just found out now that the tuition is 80,995 excluding housing. Did ATP increase the tuition or its been at 80,995 forever.

Also, I don’t think I’d be able to start ATP till 2021, at least. I had my BSc. back in my country; Nigeria and when we moved here late 2017, I had to get an evaluation, (still ongoing), when it is done, WES would require me to take extra classes to get enough credits to have a standard acceptable Bsc in America and i want to do that before starting my flight school.

So my second question is, would the tuition still increase within the next two years?


Yes ATPs tuition (like many things) has increased over the years. Fuel, insurance, aircraft maintenance, and instructor pay have all been factors. What the cost will be in 2 years is as good your guess as anyone’s. What you should know is ATPs pricing has always been competitive and will remain so.



Another thing to look at for the reason of tuition increase is the fleet. Last year Piper and ATP agreed to 100 new Piper Archers so that increase came in a couple months ago as the planes were being delivered. They are nice when you get the new models to your location

I began lurking around here about a year ago and when I finally put down my deposit about eight months later, the tuition had gone up $4000.