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Is Calculus Necessary to be a Pilot?

(Justin Werner) #1

So currently I’m a Junior in high school and I was having a quick chat with my math teacher and she suggested I should take AP Calculus AB or AP Statistics for my senior year as it will be very important for my future career as a pilot. I’m not amazing at math but I don’t have too much trouble with it either.

I know basic math is used in the field, but would you ever need any sort of Calculus or Statistics to be a pilot (private or commercial)?



Calculus is not in any way necessary to be a pilot. If it was, I wouldn’t be flying as I was never strong in math. If you want to take calculus, that is great, but don’t do it thinking that you will need it to be a pilot.




I am a Capt for a Major airline. Never took calculus, not once, not ever.


(Peter Banning) #4

I never took calculus, statistics, physics, etc… From my experience through training with ATP, the most I’ve needed is some pretty basic algebra.

(Justin Werner) #5

@Chris @Adam Thanks! Not quite sure where she got that from, but that’s a lot more reassuring!