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Intro Flight

(Andrew Fraase) #1

Can the intro flight be done at anytime? I’m still at least a year out before I would begin any training and I am not 100% sure if this is the career I wanna pursue.

(Tory) #2


Call admissions to verify, but I believe you can take an intro flight at ATP at any time. If not, any flight school will be able to conduct an intro flight with you.

Out of curiosity, what are some of your concerns?




Not only CAN it be done anytime, I’d say the sooner the better! Not sure why you would even entertain flight training if you’ve never been up in a small plane and have no idea how you’ll react to the experience.




Yes, but check with the admissions department to be sure.


(Andrew Fraase) #5

I can’t think of any specific concerns really. I’ve always been fascinated with flying on planes and going to airports since I was really young. I really started to think about becoming a Pilot when I realized that I don’t think I would enjoy the typical 9-5 sitting in a office job. I saw the intro flight on ATP’s website and thought it would be a good idea to explore the intro flight to determine if I would react positively to it. Thanks everyone!

(Tory) #6

Let’s us know if you have any other questions. For now, just remember to not overthink the intro flight. The idea is to have fun. Don’t let the plane overwhelm you. You aren’t expected to demonstrate any level of proficiency.