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Intro Flight Lesson

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Hi Guys,
I have come into terms with the advice our mentors give everyday day that one should go for the Intro Flight before committing to throw that huge amount of money into it. Our desire may push us with great feelings of doing it but we can never know if we can really do it until we give it a shot.

I took my Intro Flight Lesson today with ATP at their New York Long Island site.With the guidance of the Instructor, i took off smoothly but during the initial climb out i felt like the nose was climbing too high and may flip over so i told told him to take controls immediately.:grinning: I didn’t want to make any mistake.:yum:. Afterwards, he gave me back the controls at level flight after further explanation of some principles and through his guidance, i made some climbs, descents and turns that were amazing.

At a point in time when my misconceptions were cleared, i felt like i was driving a car on a highway and straight and level flight felt smoothy like sitting in my living room. He wanted me to land it but due to strong winds, he did it at the end. It was great fun for the hour long flight and i can’t wait to get all my stuff done to get started.

I wish all my fellow aspirants who have never tried it to do so.

Thanks a lot to Jonathan, my instructor for your patience and high level of experience and professionalism. You will see me at training in a short time.



Sounds like you had a blast. Definitely different than sitting in the back of an Airbus isn’t it? Thank you for validating what I’ve been saying FOREVER! If you haven’t tried then you really don’t know and now YOU do!




I am glad that you enjoyed your intro flight and even learned a few things alone the way. Any idea when you might start training?


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You are perfectly right Adam. Different than sitting in the back of the official an Airbus/Boeing. Little but fun to be in there! Thanks again for your continuous advice.

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Definitely i learnt a lot in the real world situation from the abstract things I’ve been reading about for the past few months.

I’m working on my medical certificate so I will pull the trigger as soon as I get it. I will update u as well, thanks for being here for us.



No problem, that is what we are here for. Keep asking your questions as you think of them and please keep us up to date.




What exactly are you “working” on? You make an appt., go online and fill out the form, go to said appt, say “ahhhhhh”, pee in a cup, maybe turn your head and cough and voila! You have your medical! There’s no time like the present my friend :grin:


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You are right but I’m waiting for clearance report from my post motor vehicle accident treatment Doctor. That’s my obstacle for now and I hope it will be resolved in my next visit in two weeks time.

How many written exams and check rides are involved in the Airline Career Program? I forgot to ask yesterday but I think it’s not a big deal since you are around.


Let’s see:

  1. Private Pilot license: Written, Oral and Checkride
  2. Multi Engine Rating: Oral and Checkride
  3. Instrument Rating: Written, Oral and Checkride
  4. Commercial License: Wriiten, Oral and Checkride
  5. CFI (Certified Flight Instructor): 2 Writtens, LONG Oral and Checkride
  6. CFII (Instrument Instructor): Written, Oral and Checkride
  7. Add On Instructor (either Multi or Single depending on which you took your CFI in): Oral and Checkride

So that’s 6 writtens, 7 orals and 7 checkrides! Wow! Did I really do all that?


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