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( Madeline Hightower) #1

Hi everyone!
I understand that an intro flight is required prior to admission to ATP, what I am wondering is if it has to be a flight with ATP at one of their locations? My father is a pilot and I have been up many times with him in different aircrafts. Is that something that would suffice or do they want to see something that was done at an ATP location? Or with a CFI at another non ATP location possibly being sufficient as well?

Thank you so much!

(Tory) #2


Have you asked Admissions? I see the website says all students starting with zero time must take their intro flight at one of ATP’s locations. Maybe they can make an exception?


( Madeline Hightower) #3

I have not asked them about this particular question. I will be in Phoenix at the end of the month and would like to try and schedule it while I am there (if it is in fact needed to be done at an ATP location) as I do not live close to any of their locations.

Thank you!

(Tory) #4

You’re welcome.



All intro flight have to be taken at ATP. It is more than an intro flight, it is a way for the student to come see the location, meet instructors and current students and do a bit of flying the ATP way.

( Madeline Hightower) #6

Thank you, Chris! So with that being said, the flight needs to be done at the location I intend to study at?



No. Any ATP location will suffice.


( Madeline Hightower) #8

Wonderful, I appreciate your response! Thanks!