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Instructor location

(Michael Neely) #1

Hi, I am well aware that after CFI you may end up in a different location. My question is overall what have most of you experienced,were you able to get the location you desired? Was it difficult to transfer?



I did not initially get the location that I wanted, but I transferred to the one that I did want within a few months.


(Tory) #3


I received my preferred location, but I was immediately asked to help out at another location. ATP paid for my airline ticket and rental car. Being in an unfamiliar environment took some getting used to, but was a good learning experience. Even after I transferred back to my preferred location, I bounced back and forth between two locations. Each new location comes with it’s own challenges, but I learned something new at each location and found the overall experience to be positive.


(Joshua McDowell) #4

I am more than willing to move, but for locations that don’t have a housing option (Hartford) what kind of approach should I have? Should I anticipate going to another location to instruct and get a short lease? Or do locations that don’t offer housing tend to keep their students as instructors for that location?
My wife and I are prepared to separated quite a lot, but do students with families also have a priority to stay in one location? Thank you!

(Tory) #5

I’m going to bring @DanielleCalnin into the conversation because I’m not sure what the deal is with locations without available housing. Sometimes ATP’s website doesn’t advertise housing availability for certain locations, but that’s referring to student housing. ATP may actually have housing available for instructors and/or students, but the housing is either full or it’s reserved only for instructors. Again, Danielle will be able to tell you when she gets back into the office. Or you can call Admissions directly and ask them.

ATP has changed their location assignment process several times. The way the process works at the moment, requires instructors to submit a request for their preferred base, but assignments are ultimately dependent on company needs (just like an airline). I have not heard of any special accommodations being made for instructors with families.




The 3 mentors on here all got their desired locations but 100’s of ATP students don’t. It’s a crap shoot and you should absolutely plan on not getting the location you want. You’ll be less disappointed when you don’t.


(Tucker) #7

I got my #1 pick. Lots went into this including the fast growth of the location as well as 2 instructors leaving for the airlines.

Not all locations have housing, but if available you can choose one that does. I recently had a friend go to Chicago to instruct because it was one of the few locations with instructor housing available.

You may be able to get a feel while you are training if your location is going to be in need of instructors as you finish, but available locations change day to day, so you really won’t know until you are in the position to decide.

(Michael Neely) #8

Thank you everyone I appreciate the feedback. Sounds like a mixed bag of outcomes, which is ok…
I agree Adam, I will plan on going to a different location that way when I get my preferred location I will be pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed.