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Instructing to 1500hr or @ 650hr take PIC Multi Day VFR Island Job

(Chris) #1

My buddy was offered 135 job flying PIC Multi, 95% VFR Day in Cessna 402 with 1yr contract Island hopping around FL (He likes the company, 800hr/yr avg).

Right now he is getting 120hrs/m Instructing and Contract work. Could hit 1500hr in potentially 7 months doing what he’s doing (main source of hrs is a flight school with 152s and increasingly questionable maintenance). He says parting with them soon is a priority but wants to choose wisely.

Figured I’d ask here for him.
Is PIC Multi worth the lack of Night and IFR experience/currency (currently 55hr Multi, 55hr Night and 10 Actual IMC) when getting interviewed by the regionals and going through ground school?

Also is the extra 3-4months before Regionals worth it?




Totally your buddy’s call but know this. When you get hired at a Regional they fully expect (and rightfully so) you to be a current and proficient Instrument pilot. True story, when I was hired at ExpressJet many years ago my sim partner was doing the exact same thing, VFR island hoping in Hawaii. Nice guy and a good stick but he couldn’t shoot an approach and washed out. Again it’s not all about building time it’s the QUALITY of that time that really matters.