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I’ve reached my DA


Thinking you could have gotten 100 but good job.


(Michael Taft) #22

Could have, should have, but didn’t. I got 3 more test so 100 isn’t out of the realm of possibilities yet. After I reviewed the questions I missed, two were “dyslexic” moments. The other three I could have sworn they were right, but FAA says otherwise. On with life.

(Michael Taft) #23

Well Adam I accepted your challenge and I got a 100 on my FIA written today. I plan to do the same for the rest. :wink:



Nice job! Keep up the good work!


(Michael Taft) #25

So with a little over 5 months till my start date I’ve finished all my writtens. Besides my CAX, I got 100s on all my Instructor written exams, including my IGI.

Just want to thank the pilot mentors here, Adam, Chris, Tory, and fellow pilots here encouraging me to get these writtens done. It is a huge, HUGE, relief to have these out of the way. I highly encourage anyone with the time to download Sheppard Air and knock these out!

Got some time left to review my private and instrument modules, the ACS, and aircraft supplements, procedures and checklists. Also might dig into the instructing books while I’m at it.

Will report back when I get closer to Day 1.

Fair skies and favorable tailwinds everyone!

(Tory) #26

Most impressive, Michael! I have high expectations for you. No pressure :wink: