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How to become a pilot if all you have is passion and cant afford tution

(Maria) #23

I been looking and some loans and I cannot find a student loan, only personal. Do you know who offers student loans to become a pilot?

(Maria) #24

It also takes several years to build your credit history that is used by the lender to evaluate how much the give you, if the give you money



If you’re looking to train with ATP they have their own finance dept to help. Give them a call 800-255-2877


(Patrick) #26

There are many ways to get where you want to be. Along with passion, you must make a committed decision to get there and never give up! There is always a way if you make one!

(Arthun) #27


You might want to look into Cebu Pacific Airlines. Last I heard, they have an ab initio program. Once completed, the cost of training comes out of a portion of your paycheck as a First Officer. It is one of the better ab initio programs out there and it just happens to be in the Philippines and exclusive to Philippine citizens.

(Edoardo Cetronio) #28

Hey Sergey !
I’m about to apply for a Sallie Mae loan and try to get into Atp, but I have a few question , any chance I can contact you privately?



(Sergey Kireyev) #29

I got your LinkedIn connection. Just DM me there. Cheers!