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How many written exams are there?

(Masanori Kayano) #1

Hey everyone,

I just took and passed the FII, IGI, and IRA exams today. I really owe it to this forum and the pilots who took time to post about it as I wouldn’t have known to take the FII or the IGI if I hadn’t read up on it prior to the test day.

But that also got me thinking. Are there other written exams out there that aren’t mandatory (like the IGI) but would be good to do in the long run?


The AGI is very similar to the FIA. Having this will help you to obtain the gold seal CFI certificate.



There are actually quite a few FAA Knowledge exams:

That said the only other you’d be interested in (as Chris mentioned) is the AGI (Advanced Ground Instructor). To earn your Gold Seal either the AGI or IGI will suffice (you don’t need both). The cool thing which is really just for bragging rights is after you pass your AGI you can bring that to the FSDO and get a separate Ground Instructor Certificate. Kinda of cool if you’re collecting FAA certs :wink:


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Thanks for the input! I’ll get started on the AGI after completing my CAX.