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How many hours a day do you fly as a flight instructor?

(Shaun M) #1

Hello, I want to be a pilot and I want to know how many hours you get to fly as a flight instructor?



The FAA limits flight instructors to 8hrs in any 24hr period. That said 8hrs is ALOT of time in the air particularly if you’re doing your job vs just logging time. Now how many hours you “get to fly” as an instructor will more depend on the flight school you work for and how busy that school is. The average instructor at ATP flies about 75hrs a month which breaks down to about 3.5hrs a day if you’re flying 5 days a week and honestly more than that can be exhausting. Want more hours in the month and you should probably fly more days than more hours per day.




I flew anywhere from 60-80 hours per month as a flight instructor.


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(Eric Kollat) #5

Is it doable to reach around 100 hours or more flying each month as an instructor? Especially in a larger location such as Mesa, for example?



Many of ATPs instructors do 100hrs a month but it means working weekends.



100 hours is a lot of flying. While it might be doable, I would question the level of quality instruction that an instructor would be able to deliver.

It isn’t just about building hours, the quality and what you are learning count as well.


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Yes, but that doesn’t leave much time to do ground.


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What is the average hourly pay for an instructor at ATP



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Awesome! That’s about where I am now in my entry level job.