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How does my approach sound? Any advice?

Hello all!

I’ve always wanted to fly for a living, and I’ve never second guessed it at any point during my lifetime. Currently, I am majoring in meteorology at the College at Brockport and hope to use that knowledge to help me with flight training at a flight school in the following graduate years. I originally hoped to take an approach towards the Air Force but could not due to reliance on medications. These opportunities have come fast for me, and while I am eager, I am also hopeful that somebody experienced could give me any advice about anything in my path towards becoming a pilot. I also hope that the path I have chosen towards my dream is an appropriate approach.

Thank you,
Drew Hamelink

Your ‘reliance on medication’… have you tried to get a flight physical or ask a medical examiner if any of your medication would stop you from flying commercially?

No, they are minor breathing issues, but I still need the medications. I’ve spoken with a friend of mine flying for Delta and he brought up that it would not be an interference whatsoever.


If you take some time to read some of the discussions on the forum you’ll
discover that there is no need to put too much emphasis on the field of
study. Only major airlines require a 4 year degree and it can be in
anything. If you’re passionate about Meteorology than stick with it. You’ll
also learn that it’s best to complete college before starting flight

Let us know if you have any other questions.



Welcome to the forums and thanks for the introduction. The first thing that jumps out at me is “reliance upon medications”. The FAA has very strict medical standards, especially when it comes to mind-altering medications. The very first thing you need to do is schedule an appointment for a First Class Medical with a FAA medical examiner. Be honest on your medical history and see what they have to say. From there, an introductory flight is your next step, then further exploration of the career.


Thank you all for the feedback I‎t is greatly appreciated. God bless you