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How Do You Get Notcied By Big Airlines

(Alexander Cortez) #1

Just out of curiosity I would like to know because I’ve been thinking and I just cant get the answer of how pilots get selected, do they have to apply or do they get scouted based on their ratings?



Pilots apply to the airlines and go through the interview process. Typically applicants are chosen to interview based on their flight time and qualifications. once in the interview the focus shifts more to the pilots knowledge and how they interact with other people, as that is a huge part of flying together as a crew.




As Chris said all pilots have to apply to the airlines they wish to work for. In as much as there’s a shortage going on and some Regionals are actually doing some recruiting via flight schools like ATP, the Majors are still the big leagues and you need to convince them they want you, not the other way around. As far as the ratings go the FAA mandates the min requirements (1500hrs, Commercial license, Instrument and Multi Engine rating) the airlines will work up from there. Just to submit your application you need to be able to check all the requirements or your app will get kicked. At that point IF you’re fortunate enough to get an interview it’s convincing them you’re a good fit for their culture and someone they wouldn’t mind spending 6 hrs locked in a cockpit with.


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Thanks You Guys! I understand the process A LOT better now.


Anytime! That is what we are here for.