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Historic Day - No more Jepp Binders!


Today, January 31, 2019, becomes the last day that ANY US Part 121 carrier (my airline Hawaiian to be specific) uses paper Jeppesen charts. It’s been a long time coming and lord knows we were holding on tight! We even had some newhires that had never used paper charts and had to get acclimated to them.

While I certainly won’t miss the weight of the binders nor the bi-monthly revisions, I am somewhat torn regarding my flight case. Call me old, but in my mind the classic leather flight is synonymous with “airline pilot” and when I see all the pilots pulling their rollers without I always think they forgot something. Thinking it’s still pretty handy for my headset, lunch, Emergen-C, Clorox bleach pen, gum, pens, Sani-coms, Hula girl duster, flashlight…oh yea and my tablet!



My suitcase balanced better with the flight bag hooked onto it. That being said, I sure do not miss it.

(Tory) #3

Welcome to the future, Adam!


Thank you Tory.

Actually for me it’s not that big a deal since I only go to 5 airports but it’s good to finally catch up.


(Tory) #5

You really miss your suitcase don’t you? Haha

No one said you had to give it up. You could find a good use for it.

(Arthur) #6

When I was a new hire at Great Lakes in November 2017 I was so lost learning papercharts and how to keep up the binder with the revisions. I feel your pain, Adam.

(Kyle) #7

Speaking of Jepp charts, I have my ForeFlight renewal coming up in about a month and am contemplating adding the optional Jepp plates ($200 extra) to get used to them as I’ve heard most airlines use them, but I don’t actually know whether or not that’s true. You guys think that would be worth the investment at all or should I save the money and just wait for the airlines? I’m probably still at least a year away from reaching ATP mins.



While it’s true most airlines use Jepps it’s an easy transition and nothing to be concerned about. Save your money.




As long as you have some form of current charts and plates, you are fine. The transition is a very easy one.


(Tory) #10


Google and YouTube are free. No, but seriously, don’t blow that much money on those charts. If you have questions, use the internet, your instructor, us…