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Height Limitations For ATP

(Eric St Jean) #1

Hi All,

I’m seeing some height and weight limitations on the ATP website which I’ve listed below:

  • Adherence to Height and Weight Limits - Due to aircraft operational limitations, students taller than 6’3" or weighing more than 250 lbs may be denied training in ATP aircraft.

I am 6’5’’ and currently working on my PPL flying a C172 with adjustable-height seats. Would my height actually effect my training at ATP? How would I go about figuring out if I’d be able to train before applying?

Thank you!



You would need to contact ATP admin directly. 800-ALL-ATPS




I recommend that you speak with the admissions department on this one.


(Eric St Jean) #4

Called the 800 number and spoke with a rep about the height restriction. The gentleman said that I wasn’t able to enroll due to head clearance in the PA-44s and how it can be a safety hazard for new pilots.

Any suggestions for other well known/respected pilot schools?

Thanks all!