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(Isa) #62


The hiring window was open from Oct 24 - Nov 5. Before that it was open Oct 12 - Oct 27, 2017.

As Adam mentioned, the First Officer recruitment page is where you apply. They add a link to that webpage when the hiring window is open. That is the only time you can submit an application.

(Dario) #63

Thank you Adam and Isa, I should have phrased that question better.

(Juan) #64

Any news on when invitations and/or rejection emails will be sent out to applicants from the last window? Thanks.


No clue but you’ll probably know before I do.


(Dario) #66

I’m having some trouble talking to ATC and getting the flow down in HNL’s busy airspace, so just curious if you have any good tips for a new pilot on coms?



I recommend buying a scanner radio (make sure it is aviation capable) and listening to the frequency, it will really help. You can also go to and listen for free. Don’t waste time listening to JFK or ORD, find the airport you are flying at and try to listen to ground control, tower, clearance delivery, etc. You will learn quite a bit just by listening.

Before you get too discouraged, this is a very common issue and one that is easily overcome with practice and time.


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Thank You Chris!!



As Chris said don’t get discouraged, this is fairly common and like many things you’ll improve with time and practice.

Btw HNL is not even close to busy :wink:


(Dario) #70

How long did you CFI for at ATP before you went to the regionals?



You don’t want to know the answer to that question. You see when I was hired it was years before the 1500hr rule and while ExpressJet’s mins were 700hrs, they’d take ATP grads at 500. I was hired with 540 after instructing for only 5mos. Those were the days… :wink:



I was ATP for twelve months before I went to the regionals, but that was before the 1,500 hour rule.

(Isa) #73

Hi Adam,

I got the TBNT e-mail from HAL’s recent hiring window. I’m considering applying to Ohana once they have an opening for FOs.

I know you recommend Ohana for their guaranteed interview and the opportunity to network with Hawaiian employees, which is the reason I’m considering transferring from my current airline in Asia.

I wanted to ask if you think that’s a good idea? I’m currently an A330 FO in Asia with international experience, a 4 year degree, and 0 TPIC. A friend suggested I stay where I am since I’m flying heavier aircraft. However, I’m leaning towards Ohana for the reasons stated above.

I have a friend that got the invite with less experience, but he lives in Hawaii and had internal recommendations. On the same note, I heard a number of captains with no ties to the island got TBNTs.

I’m thinking I could stay at my current airline, upgrade to captain and get 1000 TPIC on the bus which will take ~4 years and still not get an invite to interview; or I could work for Ohana and get a guaranteed interview after 2 years. I’m just not sure how this will look in the perspective of the hiring team :thinking:



As I often say, unfortunately there really is no formula to getting an interview and it often seems very random. What I can tell you is Hawaiian was recently burned by a couple of pilots in your same situation (Heavy FOs from foreign carriers who came, got trained then moved to other carriers on the mainland). While people can do as they like, what they don’t realize is they make things harder for people behind them. I like the idea of you going to Ohana because it would demonstrate a desire to be in Hawaii but there really are no guarantees other than the interview. Totally your call?


(Isa) #75


Thank you for your time and input! It is unfortunate that some people have done that and have made it harder for others, especially those who are genuinely interested in working for Hawaiian.

I’m glad you like the idea of me going to Ohana! I’m pretty set on that, but sometimes doubts creep in. That’s true, the only thing guaranteed is an interview, but at least it’s one step forward as opposed to staying where I’m at and having no guarantee of an interview even after upgrading to captain. Also, I’ll be living where I want to be and the QOL at Ohana seems decent.

Thanks again, Adam!


(Dario) #76

Adam, is there a large need for A330 pilots at HAL and where do you see the company in 10yrs?



Hawaiian hires pilots, not A330 pilots, just pilots. Particularly since the 787s will be replacing them eventually. The A330 is senior due to the higher pay so most pilots we hire now will be to fill 717 and A321 slots. We’re hiring about 100 this year which is significant for Hawaiian but I honestly have no clue where will be in 10yrs. Hopefully still doing what we do.


(Dario) #78

Adam, what is the estimated lifespan on the A330, and do you know of any plans to phase out the strong 717?



I have to check but I believe the current plan is all A330’s gone by 2023. There’s an effort to find a replacement for the 717’s but there’s not currently any airframe that will do the job.


(Dario) #80

Are you kidding? Thats really to bad, my ultimate goal was to fly the 330 at HAL since I was kid. I’m in the process of getting my PPL here on the island but that probably won’t be enough time. I was hoping they would keep them for at least 20 years from 2010.



In twenty years, there will be something much better than the 330 to set your sights on.