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(Frank) #41


Since you have hiring experience I was wondering if in your opinion an ATP graduate could go straight to Ohana or if they would need to get regional experience first. Thanks



Obviously you need to have the required 1500hrs so NO student from any flight school is going direct to any airline without building time first. After that Ohana is a Regional like any other so there’s no reason for you to go elsewhere prior.


(Frank) #43


Sorry to bombard you. Thoughts on ATP/Mokulele/Ohana to Hawaiian versus
ATP/CFI/Ohana to Hawaiian.

I’m from Hawaii so going to Mokulele gets me back home a lot faster but wanted to see what someone in the industry thinks.




Flying for Moku is a very popular route for pilots over here. That said I recently spoke with a few Moku jumpseaters and they’re very overstaffed and many are not flying much right now. As far as being hired I honestly I think you’ll be fine either way and I appreciate your desire to get home quick. My only issue is virtually ALL your experience will be simply flying around the state to the same handful of airports. Same terrain, same weather, same approaches. I can’t tell you how much both my CFI and my mainland experience has helped me. I’d give it some thought.


(Isa) #45

How do relief pilots (I think they’re called relief officers at HAL) log their time in augmented operations? Do they log the entire block or just the time they’re seated?



Most just log the entire time as SIC.


(Isa) #47


Thank you! I just wanted to know if how we log time on augmented operations at the airline I work for is in line with how it’s done at HAL.


(Juan Manuel Calle) #48


I have two questions.
how do you describe living in hawaii? do you really like there?

also, do you really recommend OHANA as a perfect path to HAL?



Not sure I can really describe living in Hawaii. My impressions are mine and are shared by some by not all. I love it here. Very nice warm friendly people (for the most part) and fantastic weather (again for the most part). That said it’s very different from any place I’ve ever lived. Culturally it’s very different than most of the mainland and often feels like a foreign country which I like. While they pretty much have most things you can find on the mainland, if they don’t have something it can be difficult or even impossible to get. What I’ve seen is you either like it or you don’t. There’s very little in between. They say 3yrs is the test, if you haven’t settled in by then you probably won’t last.

I don’t believe there’s a perfect path to Hawaiian or any secret formula to getting hired. I have a good friend I’ve recommended. Great pilot, great resume but she’s interviewed 3 times and still no joy. What I like about Ohana is the guaranteed interview and the opportunity to interact with Hawaiian employees daily. What I don’t like is the very limited experience you’ll gain. It’s really a coin toss.



Then of course there’s this :slight_smile:

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weather is beautiful there.

(Kaviyarasu) #52

It’s very cool

(Kaviyarasu) #53

Are you a pilot

(Juan Manuel Calle) #54

I am!

(Dario) #56

Adam, I see lots of HAL planes fly over my school in Kapolei every day, and I’ve noticed some of the A330 are missing winglets and have grey colored radomes. Why is that?



I believe we currently have 2 A330’s missing a winglet each. They were damaged on the ground while being moved by airport services As for the radomes not sure the issues on those but being upfront they take most of the hits (hail, birds, etc). They come from the factory in that grey primer and will be painted on the next heavy maintenance service. Fairly common.


(danny) #58

Hi Capt. Adam

Can I get you email for PM. Thank you



We are unable to provide our personal email addresses. Please post your questions in the forum.


(Dario) #60

Adam, where do pilots apply for Hawaiian? I always see the first officer recruitment page and the current job openings but never anything for pilots.



The First Officer recruitment page IS how you apply for a pilot position. Hawaiian doesn’t hire “street captains”. With all due respect, if you don’t know that you’re probably not at the point where it matters.