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(Dario) #21

Adam, what did you dislike about being on the A330? Was it the schedule, flight times, equipment?



It was simply the length of the flights. Being locked in a cockpit (albeit a comfy one) for 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 hours is a LONG time. I’m a chatty guy but it drove me insane. I’d eat wayyyyyy too much and I’d be lagging for days after. I think if I were younger when I started I may have been better at acclimating but it kicked my butt. Many of our pilots (as you found out) love it and they can have it! I’m happy where I am.


(Dario) #23

Is there any difference on the way the planes handle from your experience when you switched from fly-by-wire to a hydraulic cockpit?



I have gone from hydraulic to fly-by-wire. I really can’t tell much of a difference.




The hyd to wire transition is generally undetectable since either way you’re really not actually moving the control surfaces. The big difference to me was going from a yolk to a stick (and then back). Whether it’s hyd or wire most aircraft with yolks have some type of artificial “feel”, the stick does not. The Airbus is also incredibly quiet. Between the 2 the you get zero feedback and flying the plane is much more technical. It gives you aural alerts and you land using those and your “sight picture”. Very easy plane to land but more science than art.


(Frank) #26

To echo Adam’s comment above - I have a friend that flys for Hawaiian and when I told him I was thinking about going to ATP he told me that ATP was a good school and that a number of Hawaiian pilots have sent their kids to ATP.


(Dario) #27

Adam, what is the difference between the 717-200 and 717-2BL?


I have no idea? Never heard of the 2BL.


(Isa) #29

Hi @Adam,

This is a question about Honolulu, not Hawaiian Airlines. I didn’t want to start a new thread.

Can you recommend a pilot shop in Honolulu? I’ll be there on a layover end of this month and I’m looking for an Electronic Flight Computer to use for my ATP exam. Thank you!



Sorry but not really. There are a few FBOs on the South Ramp but I’m not familiar with any. Haven’t needed a Sectional in over a decade.

Btw, I’d probably look anywhere BUT HNL. Hawaii is the most expensive state for virtually everything.


(Isa) #31


Thank you! I’ll pay the FBOs on the South Ramp a visit.

That’s true! Unfortunately, I don’t have any layovers on the mainland this month or the next. I’m taking the ATP written and practical end of next month – hopefully in time for Hawaiian Airlines’ application window.

If you think Hawaii is expensive, try buying products from US in Asia! It’ll be at least twice the price if it’s even available. :sweat_smile:

Thanks again!

(Dario) #32

Adam, does HAL hire a lot of pilots from skywest?



Yes they do BUT it’s not because they’re SkyWest pilots, it’s because they’re Hawaiian. Hawaiian has and does hire pilots from many Regionals. The reason so many of our pilots come from SkyWest is because so many pilots FROM Hawaii choose SkyWest due to their strong West Coast presence. Pilots from Hawaii want to be close to Hawaii (hence the West Coast) so they can either commute or at least visit home often. Since there’s no question Hawaiian likes to hire pilots from Hawaii, yes many of our pilots come from SkyWest. Make sense?


(Dario) #34

That makes sense now, thank you! I’m getting my private here on the island, finishing at ATP, get hired at Skywest, then hopefully HAL. I decided to drop Ohana since I didn’t here good things.



Your call and I also believe you’ll get some valuable mainland flying experience at SW. Curious what you heard about Ohana though?


(Dario) #36

My instructor has a couple friends that work for Ohana and they said yes there are guaranteed interviews with HAL but in reality unless you’re the chief pilot there, you won’t get hired. Hawaiian likes pilots with turbine and mainland experience. Also they said the pay isn’t that good either.



Do as you like but I’d caution you to take the advice of people that “have a friend” or “know a guy”. Let’s first talk facts: SkyWest 1st year pay is $37K, Ohana’s is $60K and unless Ohana has had a dozen+ Chief Pilots then clearly we’re hiring others. But sure, I’d definitely take the advice of your instructors friends of as to what Hawaiian “likes” vs a Hawaiian Capt, but what do I know?

I am curious since Ohana is so bad AND since Hawaiian clearly prefers SkyWest pilots why your instructor’s friends haven’t left to go fly for SkyWest. They’re hiring.

Oh and btw Hawaiian’s first year pay is less than both SkyWest AND Ohana. Are they going to complain about their pay once they get here?


(Dario) #38

I totally understand Adam, I’ve heard so many opinions about HAL and Ohana, the good and bad, but I’m assuming those pilots don’t have any plans to go to the mainland. I just know I want to start with the regionals on the mainland. But believe me your advice has definitely been put to good use. I always tell my friends and family that you have helped me create a pathway and vision for my future career at HAL, so I thank you very much.



Honestly it’s my pleasure and I do believe there’s a tremendous amount of experience to be gained by flying on the mainland. You’ll see weather, terrain and airspace congestion that you’ll never experience here. All I’m saying is ALWAYS check your facts and make your decisions based on those vs what you hear on the “coconut wireless”. :wink:



Turb props are turbine engines.