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To all you current pilots out there, I ask you this, what hairstyles look good for a airline interview? Also, what hairstyles go good with the airline cap you wear, so that the cap does not mess your hair up and make you look unprofessional?



Male pilots are expected to have short, military style haircuts. Think of what you see any military officer having and that will be acceptable, long hair is not allowed for men.
As to facial hair, mustaches are allowed but beards and goatees are not as the hair prevents the oxygen masks from sealing.




I agree with Chris on the short side but it needn’t be military “high and tight”. Something conservative is fine. No unnatural colors or anything that might be construed as “radical”. As long as we’re on the subject also no piercing or visible tattoos. A number have of airlines have relaxed on the facial, Hawaiian, Atlas and JetBlue now all allow “short well-trimmed” beards or goatees. That said I’d avoid any facial hair for the interview.




I wouldn’t say that there is a specific style that you would need to go with. Every person has a style that suits him/her, and what looks good for you may not suit me the best.

Your hair is not what the recruiters are going to look at when they interview you. (Unless you give them reason to look at your hair. Like with an unusual cut, or a bad hair day)
I got my normal cut done a few days before the interview to have it look nice and clean. Nothing special though.


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Thank you. I may or may not have to have a haircut done. My hair is gelled up in front. Is that acceptable?

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Much thanks. I have my hair gelled up in front. It’s not tall or radical or anything. Is this ok?

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Thank you.


Gel is fine. Like Yarden said, don’t make it anything extreme and you should be fine. The airlines are a professional environment, arrive with a professional haircut.


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Sounds good. Thank you. Is there a way I could post a pic on this topic and give your opinion if it is professional or not?

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Gelled in front, as seen. Middle and back is down. Sides are a 2


That hair style will be fine. I wouldn’t worry about it at all.


Wyatt you look lovely. If the interview was only dependent on your coif I say you’re hired. I will say if your airline requires you wear a hat you may want to switch to something softer than gel (say a leave-in conditioner, or crème) because you will get a bad case of hat head! (I say this based on years of experience) That said you can def check the Hair Good box :slight_smile:


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Thank you for the response and guidance. Have a good rest of the day.

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Thank you. :slight_smile:️ I will look into an alternative for my hair to help with the cap. That makes me feel good Adam, thank you.


You too, my friend.



As I said it depends on the airline but you’ve got time to worry about that. I do remember this one particularly fashionable FO who rocked a faux-hawk. Poor guy worked hard at it but don’t you know as soon as that hat or headset went on it became a no-hawk. Very sad.


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Completely understand. That’s pretty cool, just sucks when the cap goes on! :grinning:


Wyatt my friend, if that’s the worst problem you ever have you’re doin’ alright :slight_smile:


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:slight_smile: I thought so