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"guaranteed" CFI position work with ATP

(David) #1

Do all ATP graduates actually get a guaranteed job after graduation training until they get to 1500 hours?


Hi David,

The answer is Yes! With the following stipulations:
Guarantee Eligibility:
Airline Career Pilot Program graduates must meet the following requirements to be eligible for guaranteed instructor job placement:

1)Graduate from the Fast Track Airline Career Pilot Program
2)Attend scheduled training events on time and meet knowledge test deadlines
3)Fail no more than two checkrides (three or more checkride failures will require special review and may prevent your eligibility for guaranteed instructor job placement)
4)Demonstrate professionalism, adherence to standard operating procedures, and uncompromising attention to safety at all times
5)Have no prohibitive items on a ten-year background check, as required for airline employment
6)Within 60 days of graduation, accept an instructor proficiency program start date.

Sounds fair to me :slight_smile:


(David) #3

Thanks Adam. I am a father doing research for my son. He is a senior in high school and is interested in being a commercial pilot. ATP has a school 1 hour from our house. We have a fmily friend that enrolled in the school three months ago and is loving it. BTW, I was stationed at Pearl Harbor in the early 90’s. You are a very blessed man to have an aviation career in Hawaii. Thanks for your help.


I AM very blessed! Please feel free to ask any and all.




I would strongly encourage your son to attend college first, complete his four year degree and then go to flight school. The major airlines absolutely require a college degree, even if they don’t say that they do. It seems like it is so much easier for students to complete college in a linear manner from high school than it is to start jumbling it up with flight training and working. Also, ATP has an entrance requirement of two years of college or work experience, so it would be a bit before your son was eligible to attend the program anyways.

I would also encourage your son to join the forum himself and ask the questions that he thinks of. Of course you are both welcome on here at anytime, but it might benefit him to be actively engaged on this website as well.


(David) #6

Thanks Chris, really appreciate your comments.

My problem with that scenario is that my son is probably not looking at college after high school right now. He is very sharp and capable but only motivated by what he enjoys in a class room. I believe he will be successful in the class room at some point as he matures and sees the connection for success. He is great and learns very quickly on things that he is interested in but unfortunatly right now that is not English, History and all of the things that will be required over the next few years to get a four year degree. So I am trying to gain leverage on things that he is self motivated about and go from there. I very much appreciate your experience and look forward to more thoughts that you have.



Keep in mind ATP will only accept students with either a degree, their Private Pilot License or “comparable” work experience. The program is intense and they need some indication that prospective pilots have the ability to buckle and commit. That might help with you “leverage”?




I understand your points about your son only be interested in certain things. Keep in mind though that aviation is not only about flying airplanes, there are all sorts of complexities behind it. Some are fun to learn about, others are not, but they are all required. I would not push him towards aviation, let him come to it if he is interested. The financial commitment involved in flight training is rather significant, I would make sure that this is something that he really wants.


(David) #9

All true. We own a Cessna 172 and we are working on our private pilot license. He should solo any day as he is progressing much quicker than I, the old guy.



Has he passed his written exam yet?


(David) #11

The trainer pilot gave us stuff to study for his solo test but we have not taken it yet.



I was referring to the Private Pilot written. While there’s no rush I recently had a conversation with a friend who’s an examiner. He explained he gets many pilots who flew all their hours (cause that’s the fun part) but then dragged their feet on the written. Finally they get to it but then they’re rusty because they hadn’t flown or need to fly extra hours. Not saying that’s your son, just a heads up.


(David) #13

I’m sorry I’m with you now. We purchased a video series produced by Sportys. We are studying with that as well as three books recommended by our instructor.





I haven’t commented on here before so I thought I would give it a try. I’m looking at attending ATP after the first of the year and just passed my written yesterday with a 92. I’ve been finishing up my private and getting close to having my hours. Just wanted to comment on the Sportys Learn To Fly. Very good program!!

(David) #16

Thanks for your comments, and good luck in your training. Would be glad to share and discuss all information about ATP and careers in aviation.



Well, thanks for joining us :slight_smile: A 92 is a great score on the written, congrats on that.

Which location are you thinking of attending?



I will be attending the Charlotte NC location (JQF). I’m looking forward to it!