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Guaranteed ATP instructor job question

(Brittan Kuhlman) #1

Good evening!

I have browsed the forum for a better part of the weekend and I don’t believe I found my answer, so please excuse me if this has been discussed.

I have been researching ATP Flight School(s) and what stands out to me is the Guaranteed Instructor job which is advertised; which seems like a great deal.

The only item of note which does concern me is requirement #6, which states, " Commit to an available training center assignment within 2 weeks of graduation. (After 2 weeks, the instructor position is no longer guaranteed.)"

Does this mean there is a chance the guaranteed instructor job may be based out of a different airport than where you did your training? Or even a different state?

The reason I ask is I have been a police officer for 10 years and would like to get out of the profession while Im still young(ish) and start a new career. My wife are considering relocating to southern California where I would ideally attend an ATP flight school and my wife can work for her fathers company. The situation I am looking to avoid would be to relocate my family across the country to southern California and then be “forced” to take a guaranteed instructor job in another state.

Does this situation ever happen?

Thank you all for any information!



This topic has in fact been covered at length but no worries. In short you’re correct to be concerned as it happens often enough. Yes ATP has a guaranteed Instructor position available for all successful grads HOWEVER they cannot and will not guarantee a location. You see ATP prides itself on providing it’s grads with the opportunity to build time but they won’t do it at the expense of other instructors. If the location you desire is properly staffed, adding an additional instructor will impact every other instructor’s ability to build time.

So what does this mean to you? When you complete your training you’ll be presented with available instructor locations at which point you’ll have 3 choices: a) you’re a lucky guy and the location you desire is on the list and you live happily ever after, b) the location you want is not on the list but you suck it up and go there with the hopes of the location you want opening up and it being a temporary situation (again no guarantees), c) you take you’re licenses and rating and find an instructor (or other flight opportunity) at another school and build your time elsewhere.




This does happen, but it seems like most people either get the location they want, or manage to make their way back to it soon enough. This is just like the airlines, the base you want might not always be available.


(Brittan Kuhlman) #4


Thank you so much for the reply, that clarifies my question greatly!


(Dorian) #5

And to clarify, does ATP pay for relocation and housing expenses if you DON’T get hired at your preferred #1 location?



No, they do not. Neither will the airlines.



Definitely not. The choice is yours, just like the airlines.