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Getting a head start for the new career

(Karan Patel) #1

Hi, I’m Karan Patel, I’m planning to join ATP after I get my bachelor’s in summer and I want to know which tests should I start studying for now in order to be in a good shape when I start the training. Secondly, should I get the private pilot license from my local flight school or wait till I join ATP.

Thanks, all the information would be really helpful.



As to the written exams, check out this link:

Obtaining your private license outside of ATP is certainly an option, but not a very good one. I got my private through a local school, my training was full of delays and cost overruns that just should not have happened. Then when I did get to ATP, I has to spend a considerable amount time learning to do things the ATP way, which also just happens to be the airline way. I think you will find that it saves time and money to complete all of your training through ATP.

You did not mention if you have taken an introductory flight yet or not. If you have not, check out this link:




If you have any doubts or concerns whether a career as a pilot is right for you or to your abilities to fly then I would recommend you get your Private first before you go all in with ATP. If however you’ve done your research and are set then I would ask you what benefit you believe you’d obtain by doing the primary part of your training at a school other than the one you’ve selected to do the majority with?


(Karan Patel) #4

Thanks you Chris and Adam.

Adam I was thinking to do private at the local airport during my break time and summer vacation just so that I can finish training within 6 months instead of 9 at ATP. But as Chris mentioned I’d better wait till I get to ATP.