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Garmin vs foreflight?


I have my current subscription going on Garmin; will I be able to use Garmin on my ipad until i need to renew? Then just make the swap over to foreflight?


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(Tom Tolento) #2

I too used GarminPilot but ATP uses ForeFlight so you will have to make the switch when you start. If you knock out the PAR, IRA, and CAX written prior to start ATP will reimburse you for the ForeFlight basic.

Also check out YouTube and the FAASafetyTeam programs as there are usually a few courses throughout the US with people who teach advanced knowledge courses to really help you learn ForeFlight and use it to its full potential


Awesome. I’m giving myself 6-7 weeks to knock them out for that exact reason! Thanks for the info on YouTube


(Tom Tolento) #4

No worries. I was going to switch after my free year was up anyway as Garmin really fails in providing training to utilize their app and want to keep it. ForeFlight is always out there, they have a bunch of trainers, videos and so on so I felt after the freebie was up I was going to go somewhere my money was better spent

(Tory) #5


What Tom said. Plus, ATP uses ForeFlight to publish required documents. So, you’ll need ForeFlight to access them.