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Follow up

(David Shepherd) #1

Hi Chris,

This is David. I am writing to follow up as to what has been going on with the Fast Track Program that I started last Oct. It’s been awhile since I gave an update. I finished all the training and am now instructing with ATP. I have signed with a regional carrier and will start with them once I hit 1500 hours. I’m at about 980 right now.

Hope all is well.



It is great to hear from you again and congratulations on completing the program! What location are you instructing at? Which regional did you sign with?


(David Shepherd) #3


Sorry it took so long to get back to you…had the in-laws in town for a couple of weeks. Anyway, hope all is well on your end. I am instructing at the Jacksonville, Fl. location and signed with GoJet Airlines for the tuition reimbursement program. Right now I have two private students. One is in the solo stage, so I am not getting as many hours as I would like. I should have 1,000 hours within the next week.




The hours will come, they always do. I bet you will be at 1,500 before you know it.

That is great about GoJet. You must be pleased with that.