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(Noah Lindsey) #1

Hey guys,

I know some of the mentors had asked for me to keep y’all updated.
Passed my Instrument single checkride last week, completed my crew eval flight today, and hopefully I’ll start my crew cross countries this week! It’s amazing (and terrifying) how fast it’s going by so far. It took around 30 days of flying between starting and taking the Instrument checkride.

I’ve really had a very good learning experience, and it’s honestly been a lot of fun too! The location I’m at (Atlanta FFC) is awesome, I would highly recommend this location to any students. My instructor has been great, I felt very good going into my checkride. Now when I finish the program and the loan payments come around, I might think a little differently haha! But for any potential students that have seen those bad reviews here and there, just know, if you come and dedicate yourself to the program here at ATP, you will excel and your money and hard work are going to pay off!

Fly safe,
Noah L

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Congratulations to Noah Lindsey - ATP's newest CFI
Current and Former Students, Please Check In
(Tory) #2

Congrats on the check ride pass Noah. The instrument rating is one of the
hardest ratings to get. Good luck on your crew cross countries. That was my
favorite part of the program.


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Thanks and congrats on your progress Noah! The x-country phase is by far the best part of the program.

Have fun!




Congratulations on passing the instrument, I always felt that was the hardest one.

Enjoy the cross countries, they can be really fun.

Thanks for the update, it is always good to see how people are doing.


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(Noah Lindsey) #5

Here we go again haha!

Had fun on crew, private multi chechride was on the 2nd, commercial multi was this past Tuesday, and now I’ve got a CFI class start date of October 3rd in JAX. Still can’t believe how fast it’s going by…any tips as I prepare for CFI school?

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Wow, you really are making good progress in the program. Congratulations on all of your successes.

The advice is the same as always, just study until you don’t think that you can possibly study anymore, then keep studying. Of course, try to relax. The CFI is a big check ride and can be rather stressful, but be confident in yourself as a lot of what the examiners are looking for is how you will handle pressure.


(Noah Lindsey) #7

What’s up guys?

Well, I start standardization on Monday! Ended up going through the Atlanta CFI school, two weeks of ground school from 8-5, and then studying for every other waking moment haha! Awesome CFI school, very organized, very professional, great experience overall. I ended up getting my MEI checkride with a local Atlanta examiner, I was well prepared and got a pass! Finished up my last add-on (CFI instrument) this past week, made it through the program without any checkride fails, thank goodness! Started the program on June 12th, should be done around Dec 1st, that will be 172 days, or 5 months and 19 days. Not the quickest time through, but within the 6 month guarantee (most of the delays were getting a MEI checkride date, and I had to wait a while for the next stands class).

Overall, I am very pleased with my experience with ATP. When I consider the scale and magnitude of what ATP is doing, the shear number of students who are going through the program, it is honestly hard to find anything to fault them on. Every instructor I’ve flown with has been very good. Now sure, some will be better than others, but that’s just the way it’s going to be. The Atlanta area ATP schools are very good. I trained out of FFC and LZU. We have the best, or one of the best pass rates at the FFC location out of ATP. Haven’t had a checkride fail in a good 4 moths or so. As I said above, I did my CFI school out of Atlanta, at the LZU location. Out of my class, we had 13/14 MEI initial passes, first try…That’s pretty dang good!!!

I would highly recommend the FFC location to any new students!


Nice review Noah. Thanks for that.

Glad things are going well. Make sure and keep and transfer that enthusiasm to your students!


(Noah Lindsey) #9

One last thing, the reason I’m recommending FFC, is because that’s where I’ll be instructing as soon as I’m done with stands! Just joking…hahah!


That’s as good a reason as any :slight_smile:

They’ll be lucky to have you.


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(Tory) #11

Congrats on all of your success Noah! It’ll be interesting to hear how much
more you’ll learn after you’ve been teaching for a few months. You’ll be


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Congratulations and thanks for the excellent review! We love hearing success stories, so please keep us up to date as your progress through instructing.


(Cody Reul) #13

Congrats on all the accomplishments Noah! Have you had any experience with the Atlanta (PDK) location? This is were I would like to attend ATP this year.



(Noah Lindsey) #14

Hello Cody,

I don’t know a whole lot about the PDK location. I had heard about a year ago that the student housing was not very good, but that could have changed. The immediate area around PDK is not the nicest area of Atlanta, a lot of crime and what not. A pro for that location is that it’s towered and the second busiest airport in Georgia. Which means you will have a lot of experience talking on the radio and a busy airport wont scare you when you finish your training. A con is that it is very busy which means you will spend more time on the ground (Not flying, longer taxi, waiting on landing and departing traffic) then you would at a location like (FFC) that is uncontrolled.

That’s all I know, all of the Atlanta locations are super busy, when I was a student and Instructor at FFC we had around 8-15 students with 2 Archers and 1 Seminole. Now FFC has around 40-50 students with 5 Archers and still 1 Seminole I believe, maybe 2.


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(Noah Lindsey) #15

Hey what’s up everybody!

It is crazy how time flies, it feels like it was just yesterday when I was talking about finishing stands and about to start instructing.

Well it’s been a while since my last post so hang on…
I instructed for ATP about 8 months, December 17-August 18 and spent a little bit more than 600 hours in the air instructing students. I averaged about 75-80 hours a month instructing, the winter months were harder to get good weather but I had several months of 100+ hours in the spring and summer. I learned so much during that time period of instructing. Of my total aeronautical knowledge that I have right now (And I’m still learning more everyday), I would say 25-30% is what I had when I finished the program and started instructing, and I gained a good 70% more knowledge and skill through my time instructing. Especially with teaching instrument. When I started instructing I was definitely not very excited by it, but looking back now I don’t know how I would have learned everything I know now without having been an instructor. It was an excessively busy time instructing, when you’re in the program all you have to worry about is yourself and studying for the chekrides (Which can be stressful and busy at times), but let me tell you, that doesn’t hold a candle to the workload and stress of instructing! Just don’t think it’s going to be a cakewalk, it takes hard work and many long days. But it is so worth it, very rewarding when you see your students doing a good job and then when they turn around and start instructing for themselves.

I accepted a job offer from a Part 91 Corporate flight department in the middle of August and have been with the company for 6 months. I fly a Beechjet 400 as a First Officer and have logged about 100 jet hours since August. It is a blast!! I thought that flying a Seminole was the coolest thing out there, well buddy, it doesn’t even compare to setting takeoff power in a jet while getting pinned back in your seat! I’ve been to Key West, Miami, Palm Beach, Houston, Dallas, Tulsa, Phoenix, Bozeman MT (3 times), South Dakota, Chicago, NYC and numerous other places! It is an awesome life style and it really doesn’t feel like a job. I still instruct in my free time a good bit and fly for fun. I still plan on going up the next step to a regional sometime in 2020 most likely, this has been a really cool job for me to do while I wait to turn 21 in November.

If I can leave y’all with anything it’s this.
The ATP program has changed, price increased, amount of students gone up etc. When I went through the program I had my private already paid 56k for the program.
What is the current price for the program now guys?
Back on track, I argued with myself and went back and forth about taking this giant step. After all, that is a heck of a lot of money, especially when you’re 18. But looking back now I think it was the best decision I’ve made to date. I would probably still be working on my CFI ratings if I was trying to do it on my own. I see it time and again with the students and people I know outside of the ATP world. These people have good intentions to get all of their certificates and ratings and build their hours. But they have a full time job still, they don’t have access to good airplanes, their are multiple week long maintenance delays and so on. They end up taking years to get what you can get at ATP in 6-9 months! (Full disclaimer, I would anticipate an extra 2-3 months from what the program is advertised to take. I have heard and seen of more delays in the program due to the amount of students now in the program) With ATP I was building hours, and making money in just 6 months. Not to mention I am now working on my bachelors degree and the training from ATP was good for 35 credit hours, which for me amounts to $13,650 I saved and don’t have to spend on college!

Don’t wait, go for it! Study harder than you think you can and you’ll do fine!

Noah L


Thank you Noah,

While I understand, many (most?) ATP grads and instructors get busy getting back to life and chasing their dream job and don’t have the time to let us know how they’re doing or their thoughts after they’ve had some time to reflect. Most excellent for you to take the time to give us an update and it’s greatly appreciated.

Sounds like things are going really well. The cool thing is that “this is the coolest airplane EVER” fortunately never goes away (at least not for me). Thanks for your perspective and please chime in again as you progress further and further.


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Thank you for the update. We absolutely love hearing from people like you who have made it and are flying jets.

The Beechjet looks like it would be pretty fun to fly.

Please keep checking in with us from time to time.


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(Jason Anderson) #18

I bet you were flying rich folk in to Big Sky at Bozeman? MT isn’t a common destination for jetsetters, with that exception I think.

I didn’t realize you were that young, it is great to see so much drive from a young person these days. I’m 35 and I hope to be in your shoes one day :slight_smile: Congrats! I look forward to hearing more from your experiences.