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Flight instruction software program for visual learner

(Kevin mitchell) #1

My 20 yo son struggles somewhat with reading for a long period of time. I have heard there is a program available to assist with visual learning. He currently has 23 hours towards his PPL and would like to pursue an aviation career but the idea of a fast track program to professional pilots license in 6 months worries him. His instructor stated he has excellent flying skills but has difficulty with some of the ground work. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.



There are a few great video and software available online. Many have free trials or samples you can play with to get a feel for what they’re offering. Personally I’m a big fan of the Kings but I’d do some Googling and see what your son likes.

That said I don’t know exactly what your son wants to pursue as far as aviation, and I don’t want to dissuade him in any way but I feel I must offer the following caveat. Whenever someone states they’re concerned with the pace of ATP (or other accelerated programs) I usually pose the question then what do they plan to do when they get to the airlines. ATP’s accelerated program was in fact modeled after the pace of actual airline training. While I have no doubt that your son is intelligent or capable, airline training programs are VERY cookie cutter, accelerated and one size fits all. They make little accommodations for alternate learning methods etc. Again not trying to be negative but if his goal is the airline he will somehow need to handle the workload and pace if he is to be successful.


(John P) #3

I’ve found Jason Schappert and his to be really great. Engaging videos, always up-to-date content.

King is great too. That’s how I did ground school back when I was 15…but unless John and Martha have made some serious updates…it might not keep the attention as well for the younger generations.

(Kevin mitchell) #4

Thanks Adam, it is not he that is so much worried as me. His ultimate stated goal is flying commercially, hopefully Delta(legacy family member). I know he’s capable of flying but the book work concerns me. He mentioned Sporty’s private pilot test prep, but that doesn’t encompass anything past instrument rating. Also I will primarily be funding his education, so results matter!! Speaking of workload, are we talking 9a-5p everyday including weekends? Thanks for your opinion, Kevin



If you’re talking about ATP it’s Mon-Fri with some weekends and the hours vary depending on the day but they are often full. Other flight schools vary considerably.