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Finish in less that 9 months?



Sounds like the perfect outlook to me :slight_smile:


(Allan Amaral) #22

That’s a great way to take on the program, I also agree that if you’re not absorbing the information and busting checkrides you are moving too quickly for your own good. Definitely take the time you need to understand more than just the surface level knowledge. Good luck to you!

(Kimberly McKeon) #23

Hey Allan! Going through these forums and came across you went to the LI location. I was wondering if it would be possible to get your email and ask you a few questions as I am considering this location and would love some feedback from someone who had some firsthand experience. Thanks!

(Allan Amaral) #24

Yeah sure, my email is feel free to message anytime.

(Jack) #25

Hey earv,

You mentioned you finished your MEI check ride on month 11 out of 9. What location were you at, and was there any particular reason for why it took so long besides DPE availability?

(Earv) #26

Hey sorry for the late reply. I was at stationed at the LVK base. And really the delay was due to the examiner shortage, something that’s out of ATP and everyone control. Im currently finished with the program however I decided to instruct somewhere else due to my commute.

(Jack) #27


Well, I figured that might be the case. By the way, off the top of your head, do you know about how many students and instructors were there during your time? I’m hoping one of the 3 locations near Dallas will be busier and won’t have too long of a holdup. Also, you mind if I leave my email and I can ask you about instructing elsewhere? It’s

(Joshua McDowell) #28

Is it common with the DPE shortage for folks to be in the program longer than expected? What do folks do during that time if it is extended? I’m trying to save accordingly. Do I need to budget for six months(I’ll be starting with my PPL) of rent and living expenses for my family, or should I realistically budget for 8-10 ,months worth of rent and living expense? I’ve been under the impression that upon completion of the training portion (end of the six or so months) you go directly into being an instructor and make a small paycheck.



My understanding is that the majority of students finish on time. That being said, I would have extra money saved either way, you just never know what might pop up and you don’t need to be worrying about money while also trying to flight train.




As Chris said the majority of students finish within the 6mos. FYI, the program actually was 3mos and was extended to account for the DPE shortage. Running long is the exception rather than the rule.


(Joshua McDowell) #31

Roger, that’s fantastic thank you. I will plan accordingly.