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Financial Aid and Scholarships

(Purna Dangal) #1


I’m new to this forum but i have question regarding financial aid or any sort of scholarship to fund my training. Do any of you know if there is such thing as financial aid or scholarships that will help you toward your training. I really want to get started with my training but i’m struggling financially. Any suggestions helps.

Thank you.



While there is financial aid and scholarships available for universities there’s none I’m aware of simply for flight training. The majority of students take out loans.


(Simon Doyle) #3


I recommend you visit the following site which provides access to aviation specific scholarships:



Unfortunately, I am not aware of any scholarships for flight training, other than a few odd ball ones that do not provide significant resources enough to provide for any real amount of flight training. Of course there are loan options available, so you can look into that.