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Establishing Residency

(Christina) #1

Hi All,

I tried to find the answer to this but could not. Moving for school reasons usually does not make you a resident of another state in a traditional university setup.

How can you go about establishing residency in a state if you choose to use ATP Housing? For example, looking into the Arizona location you need to register your car a few short months after moving. With ATP housing not being a permanent address, how can you register a car and establish residency/update your driver license?


(Muhammad Arshad) #2


I was also want the real and honest answer of this question too. Second this question…

Noman Arshad



I believe you have it backwards. Arizona (and many states) requires you to register your car a few months AFTER you establish residency. Since you won’t be establishing residency as an ATP student you won’t need to register your car. However if you want to establish residency I believe you could get a box at UPS (or similar service) and use that address.