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End of one journey and the beginning of A New

(Emanuel) #21

Thank you much!

Anyone know what happened to the website?



Good luck on that last rode and thanks for the update.



Emanuel, was discontinued several months ago.


(Emanuel) #24

Well I am happy to report that today Jan 30, 2019, a little over two months later than expected, I passed my CFII. It feels excellent! I am quite elated!
I would like to thank all of you wonderful mentors for all the awesome advice and for sharing your personal opinions with us. This website was a great place to be a part of before and throughout the program.
If anyone has any specific questions about anything Iā€™d be more than glad to answer.
Till then,
Adieu Mon Amis.


Major kudos and congrats Emanuel!

Glad we could help.



Congratulations! That is fantastic.

What is next for you?

(Tory) #27

HUGE accomplishment! Time to celebrate!


(Emanuel) #28

I am flying to Michigan tomorrow then driving with my family back down here in Arizona. Starting indoctrination at the Mesa Location on the 11th then will start instructing at the same airport.
Exciting times!


Awesome. Please keep in touch as you progress through your instructing.

What part of Michigan? I am from Cass County, in the southwest portion of the state.