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Education Requirements

(Manuel Nevarez-Valles) #1

Hi! I live in Georgia (US). I plan to go to Université de Strasbourg in Strasbourg, France. A bachelor’s degree there is only 3 years…Delta wants 4 years from what I’ve read. Can I become a pilot with a Masters Degree? It will take me 5 years to get a Masters Degree. If so, can I study anything like Arts, History, Science, etc? ATP’s website said we can study anything yet some prefer to study aviation-related courses. Thanks for your time! I really want to know…



Yes Delta will me more than happy with a Masters in any field of study you like as long as your foreign degree can be verified. Of course you also need to learn to fly :wink:


(Manuel Nevarez-Valles) #3

Thank you so much! That was a very fast response. You have a great (morning, evening, afternoon, night, depends on your location)!



I think you will be okay with a master’s degree from a foreign country. Any subject matter should be fine.