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Do you recommend Part-time pilot training?

(Marwan Jerjoub) #1

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re having a great day/evening.

My name is Marwan. I am 23 years old, I have a Moroccan passport, and I am currently living and working in the UAE.

I’m so interested in the ATP airline carrier pilot program from 0 experience to 100 hours ME. But my problem is the 85K USD that I will only have in 4 years time of saving.

Thinking of the time I will have that money is just depressing, so I am planing to do distant or part-time learning using my 30 days leave that I have every year and all my days off.

-Do you recommend distant/ part-time learning?
-If yes, how long approximately it will take to me to get my CPL+CFI and start instructing at ATP?
-I have a valid 10 years US tourist visa, will ATP school help me with the work permit and all the other paper work needed to be illegible to work + live in the US?
-After achieving major airlines minimums of ME hours, how does ATP school help their graduates without a type rating join one of those airlines like Emirates or Qatar airways that require at least 500 hours on type (B777/787/A320)?

I will be very very grateful for any efforts to answer my queries.


Hello Marwan,

First off while there are distance learning courses for the knowledge portion, obviously the flying needs to be hands on. The problem with training one month a year is the 11 mos after letting your skills disappear. Pilot skills are “perishable” and no it’s not like riding a bike. I can’t imagine how long it would take at that pace but I do know you’d be wasting a whole lot of money and be better off waiting the 4 yrs to start.

Next ATP doesn’t offer part-time or distance training so you wouldn’t be able to instruct for them after.

No, ATP will does not help with visas or work permits. You’d also need to get a TSA clearance and background check to do any flight training in the US.

Students who train at ATP are offered instructor positions to help build time. That said the Major airline minimums are considerably higher than those you state and would only be built after a few years at a Regional. Perhaps Qatar and Emirates have gateway programs for Nationals but most Majors min hours are in the thousands.




I am going to have to second Adam on this one, I do not see how you could effectively flight train with the limited time off that you have. You will really need to be able to dedicate at least six months if you chose ATP and more if you chose another flight school. If you really want to be a pilot you will need to find a way to make that happen.