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Decided on ATP, now what?

(Aaron Levy) #1

Hey, I have my private and I’ve decided that I am going to attend ATP and hopefully finish all my ratings within 6 months! I have 100TT and around 30xc PIC so I am good on ATPs flight time requirements. I have a 1st class medical as well and I have been using Sheppard air studying for IRA, I plan to start in February or the very beginning of March. I fly about once every 3 weeks now just so I don’t get rusty. Other then finishing up IRA and the rest of the written tests is there anything else I can do to prepare myself? I want to do everything I can while I’m waiting so that when its my time to go through the program everything in my control is as smooth as possible. Thanks in advance for any advice.

(Tory) #2


Congrats on the start date! Getting the written tests done is the best thing you can do. If you want extra work, wait until ATP sends you your training bundle. When it arrives, read through the Cessna or Archer supplement (whichever your school operates). As always, complete the pretraining self study material. You’ll get access to that once you’ve made your deposit. Aside from that, enjoy your time off. Once training starts, you won’t get much of that.




Tory’s advice is spot on.


(Aaron Levy) #4

Sounds good, thanks guys