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December ‘18 Schedule_Training Continues

(Tory) #1

79 credits, 18 days off

Started the beginning of December with the last 3 VPT sessions, followed by a generous amount of time off.

Wasn’t thrilled about having to be in STL for the first 6 sim sessions, but I’m not complaining. We made the best of it. We spent our one day off downtown, rode the gondola up to the top of the Arch, let out our inner child at the City Museum and stuffed ourselves with Pappy’s Smokehouse BBQ.

Excited to have passed my LOE today! Great way to finish off the year! OE starts January 3. I get 25 hours of OE. If the check airmen give me their blessing I’ll officially be Captain Tory! :man_pilot:t2:

DH = Deadhead
LOE = Line Oriented Eval (Sim)
LOFT = Line Oriented Flight Training (Sim)
MT = Maneuvers Training
MV = Maneuvers Validation

  1. VPT
  2. VPT
  3. VPT
  4. DH to STL
  5. MT 1
  6. MT 2
  7. MT 3
  8. MT 4
  9. MT 5
  10. MT 6, DH to SEA
  11. Home for Christmas!
  12. MT 7
  13. MV
  14. LOFT
  15. LOE


IMHO the best BBQ in the country! LOVE Pappys!


(Peter Banning) #3

Good stuff, Tory! Congrats brother!

(Tory) #4

Thanks, “Peter!”


(Kamrin) #5

Taking your word for this. In STL for 145 initial and gonna try it tonight!

(Gabriel Crespin) #6


If you do not mind me asking, what airline do you fly for? Also, congratulations on your accomplishments!


(Tory) #7


If you get a chance, try Sugarfire Smokehouse, too. I’m told that place is preferable.

Did you get a new job?


(Tory) #8

Thanks Gabe! I fly for Horizon.


(Kamrin) #9

Our ground school instructor and our sim instructor are taking us to sugarfire thursday!

(Tory) #10

Patiently waiting for the verdict.




Is this the Sugarfire Smoke House that claims to have good BBQ? You haven’t actually had BBQ until you have tasted it eastern North Carolina style.

From Wikipedia: Eastern-style barbecue is a whole-hog style of barbecue, often said to use “every part of the hog except the squeal”.[5] Eastern-style sauce is vinegar- and pepper-based, with no tomato whatsoever.[8] With Eastern Slaws, the ketchup disappears, and the mayonnaise (or whipped salad dressing) is almost universal.[9]


(Steve Kittel) #12

That’s obviously an opinion :wink: I prefer KC style/Western BBQ… my personal opinion is Eastern Carolina style is a poor man’s BBQ without the sauce :stuck_out_tongue: (and I lived near in NC the past 25 years)

(Kamrin) #13

I kind of grew up on both, chris. The only vinegar based bbq I like is the apple cider kind. After working in Memphis, that is most definitely my favorite (Rendezvous for the win). But good food is good food, and I have to respect that. I’m sure @Adam can agree!


Yea I’m with these guys. Chris I love you and I know all you Carolinian’s love your “BBQ” but for the rest of us (who actually go by TASTE vs some Regional loyalty) it goes KC/Texas (tie for 1st), Memphis, and Carolina gets an honorable mention just for showing up. This IS the correct ranking and I consider the subject closed :wink:


(Christian Hemenway) #15

I am from Maine and had the best BBQ in Texas called Hard 8. They have a location new Dallas international airport.