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Day trips and Skywest flight school?

(Jill ) #1

I have an 18mo old, a husband and I’m 26. I thought the medical field was what I wanted to go into but I’m not exactly passing classes. I have wanted to be a pilot since I was in middle school but felt like (no offense) I could “do more” as a nurse. I’ve been around cars, trucks, quads, sandrails and most things with a motor my whole life. I now wonder if my brain just works differently and more mechanically. So, I have a few questions.

I live in Salt Lake City and 15 mins from the airport. I was wondering if there are part-time piloting jobs that are all day flight trips. With the pilot shortage, you would think that the pilots have MORE say in their schedules because the airlines are lucky to even have them. Right?

I read somewhere that Skywest has a program that will teach you either commercial piloting or all of it with a $15,000 reimbursement. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig to me.

Please help, there has to be a way for this to work and pay off!!!



A couple of things we need to clarify. First SkyWest is an airline and they don’t train pilots. They do have a number of flight schools they partner with (like ATP). AFTER you go through your pilot training with a partner school (which can take as little as 9mos Full Time and $81,000) they will offer successful pilots a $15,000 Tuition Reimbursement. That money will only be paid provided you’re instructing (again Full Time) while building the required 1500hrs to meet the airlines minimums.

Next airlines do not hire part time pilots. Eventually, after many years of building seniority you could have a good amount of control and get the trips you want. Problem is most airlines do not have day trips and if they do again they generally go very senior. There are of course other flying jobs that you could do part-time but they don’t pay very well and SkyWest of course won’t be giving any reimbursement if you’re not flying for them.

I also have to be honest, you say you’re “not exactly passing classes”. While flying isn’t rocket science it does require a fair amount study, hardwork and knowledge. With all due respect I would argue there’s higher failure rates in aviation than there are in nursing.

I recommend you take a look at our FAQ section. That will give you a much better idea of the process of becoming a commercial pilot.


(Sergey Kireyev) #3

The only airline that I’m aware of that operates mostly same-day trips is a low-cost carrier Allegiant. But even they have occasional overnights for their crews. Adam’s answer is spot on.


Don’t forget Hawaiian! :wink:


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Oops… sorry, Captain! You guys do have an elite force of 717 pilots that do the same. :blush: