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Current Meteorology major looking into flight schools for post-graduate

Hello flyers,

I was on this site a few years back asking for advice on what approach I should take after college if I want to become a pilot. Years later not much has changed and I’ve only become more driven to do what I’ve always wanted to do. I am now halfway complete with my Meteorology major and will be entering junior year in a month. Albeit difficult with math, physics, etc., it has been a great experience.

Without getting off topic, I am talking to a friend’s dad (B717 Delta Captain) about what to look for in terms of flight schools and the general path I should be taking in a short time coming. However, I would like to hear any words of advice if anyone has any because the time for searching for flight schools and career opportunities is coming up fast.
Unfortunately I don’t have any past flight hours because I’ve always been so busy, but I heard that it’s not an issue.

If I left out any important information please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you,


If you look up and to the left you’ll clearly see ATPs logo. This is ATPs forum and all the mentors and many of the current students and instructors have or are attending ATP. Does this mean we’re salesmen? Absolutely not but it does mean that after doing our research we concluded ATP was the way to go. That aside Chris (United Airbus Capt and mentor) put together this list of prospective questions while searching for a flight school:

Give that a look, check the FAQ section and do some searching as there are many threads comparing the options.


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